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Face to Face Workshops

My Face-Face Workshops launch on the 3rd July!

The Workshops

My face to face workshops are run from my garden studio in small groups of just 4-6, with ample scope for personalised support and tuition, and the opportunity to learn from others in a group situation.

My specialisms are painting and print making. My own art work primarily focuses on pastel drawing and oil painting (portraiture and still life) but I also run workshops in most types of printmaking (collagraph, monoprinting, etching......) and various drawing/painting techniques (see examples of past workshops below). 


Most of my workshops are centred around a theme (e.g. portraiture, still life, landscape, oil painting, pastels....) I follow the 'classical' approach to drawing and painting and through the workshops you will gradually improve your skills in recording the world around you. However, I am a firm believer that art should have meaning and expression first and foremost, and not just 'look like a photograph'. We will therefore spend time looking at the expressive qualities of light, mark-making and colour in an attempt to create work that has 'feeling' as well as technical accuracy.

Do get in touch if you are interested in my face to face workshop and would like to know more.

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Past Workshops

For a closer look, check out my online exhibition of student work, 'A Year Locked Down'.

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