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Painting Children on Zoom

Zoom Course: Painting Children. This series of 4 workshops has been arranged to coincide with a commission I am currently working on, so you will have the opportunity to work alongside me whilst I complete an actual brief. We will start with drawing in week 1 so we can work through the characterestics that are particular to children, before embarking on a final painting.

Children are just mini adults, full of their own character and personality. Unlike adults they rarely mask how they are feeling and that too is a great draw for the artist. For me it is about avoiding over-sentimentality and showing them just as they are. Many artists find it difficult to capture their age successfully. During my course we will be focusing on the subtle characteristics that make a child portrait successful.

Please get in touch for more information or to sign up.

What it involves

>2 hours focused tuition per week (with demonstrations and pre-prepared video tutorials to illustrate the techniques to be applied)

>An invitation to join my Facebook Messenger group where you can share your work in progress at any point outside of the face-to-face sessions.

>Access to my teaching & resource page on Facebook

Materials & Equipment Checklist

>Reference Image

(Oil Painting)

>A3 Canvas


>White Spirit

>Linseed Oil



(Pastel Painting)

>A3 Pastel Paper

>Pastel and / or Pastel Pencils

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