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Painting Light (6 week Zoom course)

Every Friday from 14th Jan - 18th Feb 11am-1pm (GMT+1)

Cost: 60€ or £60 for the 6 weeks

The first of my Zoom workshops for 2022 will be all about painting light. This will be quite an intensive course whereby we look at the work of other artists to gain an understanding of how light is conveyed in Painting. We will create work in response to artist work, as well as making copies so that we can learn from their practice.

I am a firm advocate of using high quality and original source material as much as possible for my own artwork. I am therefore going to offer (free of charge) a Zoom photography session in the first week of January for anyone that has subscribed to this course (whereby you can learn to take your own high quality photographs of your surroundings as inspiration for your artwork. It's not as hard as you think!)

The rest of the course will be all about capturing the subtlety, drama and mood of light on the subject. A theme in itself, and one that I am very passionate about as an artist. I can't wait to get started!!

The cost is 60€ or £60 for the full course (minimum of 6 participants needed for this to take place).

Materials needed: Anything coloured! (Oils, soft and/or oil pastels, watercolours)

Please get in touch for more information or to sign up.

What it involves

>2 hours focused tuition per week (with demonstrations and pre-prepared video tutorials to illustrate the techniques to be applied)

>An invitation to join my Facebook Messenger group where you can share your work in progress at any point outside of the face-to-face sessions.

>Access to my secure teaching & resource portal on my website and my Facebook page.

Materials & Equipment Checklist (A choice of media is possible in these workshops. Suggestions below. You do not need all of this)

(Oil Painting)

>Small Canvases


>White Spirit

>Linseed Oil



(Pastel Painting)

>A3 Pastel Paper

>Pastel and / or Pastel Pencils

(Waercolour Painting)

>Dedicated watercolour paper

>Set of Watercolours

>Dedicated watercolour brushes

Reliable Wifi connection

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