Painting Light Week 6

Updated: Mar 31

Painting light on Plant Forms

Key points from the Video

Oil Paint comparison (Personal experience): I’m using 2 main brands at present. Old Holland is superb. Thick paint with lots of body. Gorgeous colours. Perfect for firmly establishing colour as it is so dense. Widely acclaimed as being a high-end oil paint (I can confirm it is). Expensive though. Rembrandt, on the other hand, can be quite oily. Great for glazing but takes a lot of layers to build up colour intensity. Also lovely colours.

Paint consistency: when first establishing areas of colour you need the paint to be quite opaque. Less so for glazing when I would add mediums to increase flow (liquin + turps usually)

Always allows layers to dry between glazes. I usually have several paintings on the go to allow for drying time.

Brushes: I use short flat (soft) brushes for detail (as opposed to long, pointed bristles). It allows me to rub the paint in to create softer details.

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