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The Workshops

My Zoom Workshops have grown in popularity since the C19 lockdown. They are a perfect way to lose yourself and get away from the worries and concerns that we are all facing on a daily basis, as well as learning an extremely rewarding new skill. 

When these workshops were first launched, my main concern was to ensure students were not disadvantaged by an online teaching situation. Preparation is key and students benefit from pre-prepared demos (time-lapse videos and short films of me demonstrating the techniques to be applied). During the live sessions students are encouraged to send photos of their work in progress via a facebook messenger group. The sharing of work is an important part of the live sessions as it informs one-to-one feedback as well as enabling students to learn from each other. Attendees at my workshops are also invited to join my Facebook group, a platform for students to share their work in progress, discuss techniques, and benefit from additional resources and tuition (beyond the live sessions).

I typically pre-prepare video tutorials and other resources that I share with students at the start of each workshop (see example below). These are then freely accessible through my Facebook forum. Through this you can also get involved in a community of people with like-minded interests and a passion for Art. 

Do get in touch if you are interested in my Zoom workshops or would like more information.

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Past Workshops

For a closer look, check out my online exhibition of student work, 'A Year Locked Down'.

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